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Seasonal Trends Autumn 2022

Autumn is always an exciting season and even more so in 2022. The past two years have been difficult for us all and having events, celebrations and parties back, is a joy.

Typically, when I am researching for Seasonal, Peaks and All-Year-Round trend directions, my research can take 3 -4 days. With this seasonal trend direction, it was so much quicker due to the enormous global consensus about what’s going to be hot, popular and on trend generally.

In no particular order, these are some of the top trends you will see not only in the floral and horticultural industries, but you will see elements reflected in lifestyle, homeware and fashion.


Colour blocking is really an excuse to go wild and be distinctive in style with your colour placement. What do I mean by colour blocking? By mixing strong colours and hues and placing them in solid areas of colour, you are creating a striking statement, generally arranged so that neat, clean lines create contrast.

Colours that will be seen this season are exciting!

On the one hand we will see rich jewel colours: Royal Purple, Jewel Teal and Barbados Cherry.

And then on the other, we will see coffee tones: Chocolate Brown, Cinnamon Swirl, Cinnamon Stick, Café-au-lait, Mocha and Latte.

Dried Flowers

Dried and Preserved flowers and foliage are going to be a huge influence in consumer buying habits this Autumn. Back in the 1970’s, dried flowers were hugely fashionable and then in the mid-eighties, took a lunge backwards and were suddenly out of favour.

Now in the 21st Century, they have recently come back into fashion, especially for weddings and events. Social media posts of natural and coloured dried material arrangements, often mixed with fresh florals and foliage have helped drive demand.

It also underpins the message of sustainability, which is another leading trend.

Flowers, branches, leaves and grasses all come under the banner of dried flowers, bringing shape, texture and colour to interior design.

Preserved Flowers

The detail of pressed flowers will become prevalent this season, and will be seen in accessories, giftware and in craft hobbyist areas. An old-fashioned craft that endorses re-use and re-purpose from the sustainability trend.


There are two flowers that stand out in the Trends for Autumn 2022: roses and carnations. Both have been reinvented by floral designers and growers/breeders alike. The physical manipulation of the rose is seeing a huge increase as creative florists are giving a new look to the commercial rose varieties that we all know and love. I am referring to the peeling back of individual rose petals (on the varieties that have the right petal size and form). This gives a full, open, blowsy look to the rose head and it will continue to be on trend throughout the Autumn and Winter of 2022.

Carnations are making a comeback! New varieties, with ruffled petals and gorgeous colour tones, are making the carnation a desirable stem; paired with light foliage they bring an open, airy style to designs.

Look for the following varieties:

Caramel Creola Viper

Auburn Copper Extasis Cardamom Spice Browny


Designs will see lots of different textures, from wild ‘just picked’ looks with varieties of grasses included, to designs being filled with unique fresh blooms nestled amongst dried flowers, giving rough, smooth, course, waxy, fluffy, delicate or velvety contrasts.

Influences will come from vintage, boho and garden styles.

For containers, the emphasis will be on natural materials, often seeing natural tactile surfaces such as cork, wood, woven willow basket ware for example as containers and mediums of choice. The tactile feel of these materials is always a pleasant one! Packaging will be looking less ‘bling’, using natural and recycled materials that give a matt appearance rather than a glossy look.

Dramatic Floral Installations

In the Autumn of 2022, we will see bolder and larger installations in homes and businesses. Arches have been a huge trend over the past 10 years, and we will see them continue to grow in popularity this season, as consumers want to impress and stand out from the crowd. Whether it be for a wedding, event, or a seasonal door arch to greet people into their homes and businesses, this is an opportunity for all florists and floral designers to make the most of marketing what can be accomplished with a creative florist/floral designer and a dull doorway! Social media has created a desire with ‘celebrities’ to have seasonal installations and it will become more prevalent this Autumn.


This is a subject that is not just a trend (which we have seen grow over the past five years or so), it is now an integral part of trend direction, of industry focus and dedication. Sustainability and ecological transparency are priorities for our environment. Buying locally (where possible), reusing, re-purposing, and using seasonal products are areas we will see growing in popularity as florists and floral designers look at ways of creating designs that are more sustainable for our planet.

If using foam, use the new products out on the market. Where you feel you can, going foam free is a growing trend, but will take a few more years to ever be consistent across the floral industry.


With over 35 years’ experience, Karen Barnes is one of the UK’s leading consultants to the floral industry and an expert in product development, future trends & colours, and floral photography design & planning.

She’s an interior floral designer, high profile wedding and event floral planner, and prominent international competition judge. From teaching on a one-to-one basis to coaching small, intimate classes and larger teams, Karen can encourage, motivate and mentor your next step in the florist industry. Sharing her vast experience, Karen can help you expand your knowledge and creativity.




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