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Christmas Arrangements with Sensation Waxed Roses

Spice up your Christmas arrangements with the Waxed Roses Sensation range. What started in a garage as a hobby has grown into a mega-success with sales of 1.6 million stems.

Waxed red roses

Buying roses in the morning and melting leftover candles every day after work hours; how are these two things related? What started as a hobby and creative outlet soon developed into something much bigger. As the demand for these unique waxed roses increased, the garage where it all began became too small for a growing business.

Gold waxed roses

It was at this point that V&E Flower Export enlisted the help of friends and asked if they could use their mega-shed. A larger space was essential to expand the production of waxed roses and meet the demand. And so the ball rolled on, the creative venture grew wings, and Waxed Roses Sensation was born.

Collection of waxed roses

Waxed roses are the ideal addition to your Christmas arrangements. The diversity of colours, the subtle shine of glitter and the hint of snow not only bring atmosphere, but also add an unmistakable dose of glamour to your creations.

Whether you opt for a classic red and gold theme or prefer to experiment with bold shades, the possibilities are endless.

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FleuraMetz are one of the largest and most trusted florist wholesalers in the world who deliver all year round, wherever you are in the UK or Ireland.


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