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Spring Wedding? It has to be Freesia.

We are so used to having the elegant, scented freesia available all year round that it is easy to forget that it is traditionally a spring flower. It is also one of the world’s most popular cut flowers and has weathered many floral fashion fads. Although the multi coloured, mother-of-the-bride wired freesia corsage might be a thing largely of the past, freesias are still high on the ‘must-have’ list of bridal flowers.

Why? Because they are so reliable and versatile. Freesia works with every style of bridal bouquet, they can be wired into circlets, buttonholes and boutonnieres and will withstand a day of being handled and photographed even in the height of the summer. And as an extra bonus they smell amazing!

Using freesia…in bridal bouquets

Freesia are equally at home in an informal tied posy, a stylish over the arm or the more traditional wired shower. They will also work with any colour scheme, highlighting darker shades or complementing tints and tones of white and cream.

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