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Building Your Wedding Business

Weddings are an essential part of the florists’ portfolio and still big business, with brides (and grooms) devoting huge amounts of their time and effort to organise every detail of their big day. To win their hearts and minds you need to match their dedication and it goes without saying, exceed their expectations.

Weddings are an essential part of the florists’ portfolio and still big business

The appointment

It all starts with the initial consultation. Arranging to see your brides by appointment ensures that they won’t clash and you can prepare in advance for their visit. If you can, have an area in your shop where you can sit in relative privacy and comfort – this is the advantage of an appointments system, it gives you time to rearrange the furniture!

For a printable list of all the questions you should be asking your bride at a consultation, make sure you download our FREE handy Wedding Consultation Form.

The preparation

Having a wedding diary is essential. Not only can you use it for noting appointments and confirming bookings, but it will also help you to keep track of how many weddings you are taking. Create a wedding folder or package so that the bride can take something concrete away – include things like your current pricelist, background information about your shop, copies of thank you letters and photographs of recent designs. Keep your social media accounts up to date with photos of your wedding designs, as brides are increasingly using social media when choosing their suppliers.

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