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Health Assured: Music for the mind

Many of us recognise music’s capability to transform our mood, get us through a workout or help us drift off to a restful sleep in the evening. And new research is now beginning to emerge that shows music has mental health benefits too.

So it’s for this reason that we’re launching Health Assured Spotify!

We’ve put together compilations of songs to suit a range of moods, genres and times of day. And from now on, we’ll be adding a new playlist each month to support your mental health in all the wonderful ways mentioned in our article below.

Keep an eye out for updates on our latest playlists. In the meantime, you can start discovering the current musical collections we’ve created below.

So far Health Assured’s collection includes an uplifting Mood Booster, motivation to get Raising that Heartrate, peaceful tunes to help you Sleep Easy and calming songs for a dose of Anxiety Relief.

It's completely free to create an account and you can listen via the smartphone app or your web browser. Simply follow Health Assured on Spotify to get involved!


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Your health and wellbeing is paramount. We are therefore proud to offer access to an Individual Assistance Programme (IAP), delivered by Health Assured – the UK and Ireland’s leading wellbeing provider. Health Assured is included in Club Perks for all Business and Individual Memberships from as little as £5 per month with Individual Membership. For more information visit Health Assured - Key Partner | Floristry Trade Club.


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