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Classic and Sustainable Wedding Inspiration from FleuraMetz

Classic Weddings

Are you ready to dive into the timeless world of traditional flower arrangements? Given the vast scope of this theme, it can be difficult to find the arrangement that suits you best. But don’t worry: that’s where we come in to help.

Remember: traditional doesn’t always have to mean predictable. A mix of fresh and dried flowers, for example, is the perfect way to create an unmistakably traditional atmosphere that comes across as both chic and surprising.

As a florist, you know like no other that flowers, plants and accessories are the perfect way to add that extra special touch to any wedding. And let’s be honest: who doesn’t relish the prospect of being surrounded by the fragrance and beauty of flowers, plants and accessories at a wedding?

Chair flowers

Chair decorations

Chair decorations serve as an alternative way to incorporate flowers into wedding decorations. They can be used to add a burst of colour to the chairs at the wedding ceremony or reception. And here’s a little tip: why not design them so that the bridal bouquet and other arrangements match? Floral garlands, chair sashes and floral wreaths are among the most popular chair decoration choices.

napkin flowers

Napkin decorations

Napkin creations come in a vast range of designs. You could create a napkin ring made out of flowers, for example, or you could simply lay loose flowers on top of the napkin. Napkin creations are also a great way to use up the flowers you’ve got left over from other decorative elements.

Cake Flowers

Cake decoration

Ever teamed up with a baker before? Get creative with stunning colour combinations and different types of flowers on the wedding cake. A special foam piece in between the layers of cake will come in handy to keep the flowers in place. And even if the customer prefers a wedding cake without flowers, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a floral touch to the table or cake stand.

By working with your customers to understand their vision and preferences, you can create stunning and unforgettable wedding decorations to make their day even more special.

A sustainable wedding

Go for a green wedding with our sustainable wedding theme. Choose reusable materials, dried flowers or go for certified flowers and plants. This theme offers all the inspiration and essentials you need to make your wedding more sustainable and green.

If you want to go for the environmentally friendly option while staying stylish, this is a trend you can’t pass up.

Classic and sustainable wedding flowers

Florist Fiona shows you how to use decorations made with dried products as part of the latest trend: the Flower Cloud. This arrangement consists of different types of dried flowers, feathers and grasses. The range of different colours and types combined with the stunning natural colours of the grasses is what makes this trend so special.

On top of that, the dried feathers and grasses exude a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for a wedding.

Craft sustainable wedding creations yourself

A wedding is a special occasion at which every last detail needs to be perfect. Using sustainable materials and flowers not only enables you to add more splendour to your wedding; it also helps you have a positive impact on the environment.

· Opt for dried flowers in your creations. Doing so means your customer gets to enjoy that wedding feeling for months to come.

· Go for natural materials.

· Sustainability not only means reusable materials and certified flowers; it means local flowers too. Choosing local products reduces the need for import and transport, which will greatly reduce the environmental footprint of your wedding.

· Choose seasonal flowers to further reduce your impact on the environment.

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