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Pop-up Wedding Inspiration from FleuraMetz

There is a new generation on the way: Generation Z. This generation is less willing to spend its money on traditions such as getting married. Travelling and discovery are much more interesting to them. Sustainability is also increasingly important to them, and they want to get off the beaten track. The new concept of pop-up weddings fits in perfectly with this. It is an affordable, innovative, stylish and low-stress way to tie the knot.

Flowers and disco ball

Plug and Play

Chrysanthemums are ideal for events. These flowers can be processed immediately, without any preparation time needed. They give bouquets and arrangements a lot of volume and don’t lose their shape, even on very hot days. We would like to take you through three different styles of pop-up weddings, all featuring Zentoo chrysanthemums.


The combination of dyed chrysanthemums and leaves creates a sense of artistic unity. If you make use of frames and backdrops, everything can easily be moved from location to location!

Flowers in baskets


This style features chrysanthemums in vivid colours for a cheerful and colourful effect. The beautifully rounded shapes produce exactly the dynamic feel that Gen Z craves, to kick-start a life bursting with adventure. Tip: The flowers in the baskets are ideal wedding guest gifts. This way, the couple’s guests will be reminded of how much they enjoyed this wedding for a long time to come.

Futuristic bridal bouquet


In search of a festive and futuristic wedding? The chrysanthemum is also the ideal flower for this style, particularly in shades of white and soft pink. These colours provide ample opportunities for stunning combinations with other flowers and sundries to emphasise that disco feeling. Tip: Add a little dye to the water to give the setting a uniquely festive look and feel.

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