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Valentine's Day Inspiration from FleuraMetz

Valentine's Day Inspiration from FleuraMetz Traditional Bouquet

The nice thing about Valentine's Day gifting moments is that you can do anything with it. Big, small, colourful or timid, everyone expresses love differently. Whether you go for classic red roses or a trendy alternative in the form of dried flowers. In this article you will find both options, both traditional and trendy inspiration to get started this year.

Traditional Valentine's Inspiration

Recognisable to everyone, are the traditional Valentine's Day items. Not to be missed are red anthurium and red rose, in a beautiful bouquet or in a container. Combine the classics in a bouquet with an elegant clematis or oxypetalum to add a graceful touch.

Valentine's Inspiration Hoja Kerri

The heart-shaped Hoja kerrii, also referred to colloquially as Hoya hearts, is also essential as a little romantic gift. A slow-growing, evergreen vine with woody stems, bearing stiff, fleshy, heart-shaped leaves about 6cm wide. In summer it produces domed clusters of fragrant white flowers with purple centres.

Trendy Valentines' Day Inspiration

Trendy Valentines' Day Inspiration

During Valentine's Day, we show love in all shapes and sizes. Not only in the traditional way to your beloved with a red rose, but also, for example, your best friend, or sister deserves a token of appreciation. For these expressions of love, people choose a more trendy option. For example, dried flowers, or a vibrant colour like orange! Play with different flowers and materials, filter on orange in the shop and be surprised.

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